Selling on Amazon can be tough sometimes because there are so many merchants on there, all trying to do the same thing you are: woo customers into being buyers and increase your profit margin while your competitors decrease theirs. To that end, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content can help your page stand out, but only if done right. can help you get on the other side of the success fence.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

When done correctly, EBC on product pages can help increase traffic, conversion rates, and sales by giving the buyer extra information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. For example, you can arrange images and text into different blocks to draw the user’s eye to key points, helping differentiate your listing by adding a personal and creative touch.

Criteria for Adding EBC to Your Pages

The most important criterion is that you’re a brand-registered seller, which means your brand has a registered trademark attached to it. If you haven’t registered your brand, you need to do so first to have the feature activated on your page. It’s fairly easy to do so, but make sure your desired trademark is first available and second doesn’t sound too similar to existing trademarks.